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Suboxone Treatment: The Fresh Maker

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“Each and every day over 130 people in the United States give up on their lives due to Opioid overdose.”

Opioid Addiction is Deadly but, Suboxone Has the Relief

Your heart will start bleeding knowing the rate of deaths due to Opioid addiction. Throughout the World, people somehow are getting addicted to these toxic drugs that are slowly consuming their life. Even when people are aware of the dangerous after effects, why people are becoming a prey of this drug?

Well, there could be many reasons. Some choose to get dependent on this addiction out of their curiosity, some were prescribed due to some medical issues which ended up becoming an addiction, some are frustrated due to personal or professional reasons and much more. Whilst the reasons for drug dependency are different among each and every person, the ill effects are the same.

Opioids are dangerous and can very easily make you addicted to it.

What are Opioids?

Opioids are the pain relievers that are generally prescribed by the healthcare units to get relief from the unbearable pain that takes place after a surgery. But then again all these Opioid are associated chemically as they can easily interact with the Opioid receptors that are present on our brain’s and body’s nerve cells.

These do not work like a dangerous drug when you take it as per the prescribed amount for a short period of time but, since it has as inherited quality of producing euphoria and relief from pain, they are generally misused by the people as individual tends to consume more than the prescribed amount.

When used regularly, it can end up making you dependent, if misused, you can become an addict of it and, overdose consumption can lead to death.

By now, we are very well aware that Opioid has the capability to change your brain’s chemistry. Your brain tends to stop functioning and so as your body without this drug. Your central nervous system is badly affected by this deadly drug. Various other internal issues like respiratory depression, damage of the liver lining and other internal issues that leads to death.

You will be surprised to know the statistics of addicts and death rates of Opioid Addiction:

Let’s have a look at what statistics say:

  1. In the year 2016, the medical units in US wrote over 214 million prescription that includes the Opioid Pain medication
  2. Noncancer pain during the primary care settings receive long-term Opioid prescription which is 1 out of 5 people
  3. In 2016, over 11 million people have been found to abuse prescription Opioid
  4. Each and every day, it has been seen that over 1000 people gets emergency treatment making improper use of prescription Opioids.
  5. 40% of the deaths occurred in 2016 has been found due to prescription Opioid.

  •  Drug overdose in the year 2016 has caused deaths of approximately 64000 people. Among this count, two-third of the deaths is due to prescription Opioid.

Deaths due to Opioid overdose has risen from 16, 849 to 70,237 from 1999 to 2017.

No wonder that people are continuously misusing the prescription Opioid and making themselves an addict out of it. The moment they start taking these drugs and the Opioid receptors gets active, from that very moment the cravings tend to go higher.

We Know How It Feels:

You might have become a part of this during unconsciously or out of your curiosity, but we know how exactly you feel right now. You body is unable to function without it and you tend to get aggressive when you are not given this drug. It’s really hard for you to stay alone, but even then you can’t help yourself.

We know you have been trying hard but you know there’s still hope. With the Suboxone Treatment you can actually struggle less and get back to normal.

What Is Suboxone?

Only a drug can kill the worsening effect of another drug

The withdrawal effects are even worsening and unbearable for most of the people. Keeping the after effects in mind, this new drug has been formulated in a manner that not only will it help you by getting relief but also will reduce the chances of any withdrawal effects.

Suboxone is known as the “Blockbuster” Medication that has the potential to lessen the withdrawal symptoms and craving to a huge extent.

This medication us the combination of Naloxone and Beupnorphine used to treat patient who are Opioid dependent. As per the WHO, almost 15 billion people across the world are a victim of this dangerous drug.

  • Buprenorphine is the “Partial Opioid Antagonist” which means it produces similar effect like that of an Opioid but in a milder form. Treating the patients are very harder as the withdrawal symptoms are way much worsening and which is why this partial Opioid is generally used. When you have a Suboxone, your brain’s Opioid receptors are getting active and therefore fulfilling your cravings. However, the effects are much milder than you can think and hence the patients do not get any withdrawal symptoms.

  • Naloxone is the Opioid antagonist included in the formulation to keep the chances very less from getting addicted. Hence even when your brain’s and body’s Opioid receptors are getting the Opioid they need, the other active drug keeps you away from getting addicted by lessening the effect.

The fantastic formulation of these two drugs has saved uncountable lives and has proven to be one of the best medications for Opioid addiction. Consult with the Suboxone Treatment Clinics Brockton to get started with this treatment and leave addiction today.

When you crush and snort any Suboxone tablet, the active drug Naloxone has the ability to immediately block the Opioids present in your brain’s receptor. This, as a result, reduces the chances of getting addicted from Suboxone. Naloxone is the drug that will keep addicts away from snorting Suboxone.

This medication has been approved by the government and only authorized the certified doctors to provide the medication after knowing patient’s complete medical and psychological history. The Suboxone Doctor Brockton has the certificates and authority to provide appropriate medication and therefore can be the great step for you.

Increase in Suboxone Treatment is because:

  • It shows less to no withdrawal symptoms
  • Patients are less prone to getting addicted
  • It is accessible
  • It has huge success rate for treating the opiate addicts

As mentioned earlier, this is also a drug and which is why it becomes easier for you to give away your ill habits within a few months. But always remember that

“Suboxone should only be consumed as per the treatment program designed by the doctors. Avoid overdose and only take the prescribed amount under medical supervision.”

Even when it is likely to show any dependence, staying aware and keen is a necessity. The faster you seek professional medical assistance, the faster it will take to recover.

Just like any other medicine, Suboxone is there to help you get rid of it, not to be your lifetime partner.

Addiction is unbearable not only for the individuals who are into Opioids but also for their family and loved one. Just the way it is hard for you to live isolated, similarly, it is for your family.

Get yourself treated immediately for a healthy life.

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