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Adolescence and Drug Addiction: A Social Epidemic

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The teenage or adolescence is archetypally a proven phase for experimentation, irrespective of social norms and code of conduct. A few parents fail to understand the typical symptoms of drug use or realize the exact reason behind the unusual behavior of their kids.

Only a handful of parents are rational enough to go and search “sublocade near me” on their browser to help their kid in the hours of need, instead of trying to hide their faces out of embarrassment.

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The main issue that can bring these kids to Recovery Connection or Suboxone treatment clinics Brockton is- awareness. Awareness about the real reason behind teenagers’ affinity towards drugs, the awareness about the effective way to help them, and awareness about how the lack of awareness is making drug issues a social epidemic.

Reasons teenagers get addicted to drugs

The “why” behind drug addiction may differ from person to person, but somehow all those weird reasons will come down to two fundamental reasons:

  1. To change how they feel about themself.
  2. They want to feel better or different.

After handling and helping several teenagers over the years, Suboxone treatment centers has noticed the following common reasons:

To Be Accepted

Many teens use drugs just because others are using it—or they think not taking it will be uncool, and they will be socially isolated. We all seek for recognition and acceptance. And this seeking becomes a priority during the transitioning years from childhood to youth. The dread of not being accepted and acknowledged by others and known circles makes teens believe that using a drug is the only way to be a part of a group.

To feel Better

The way we think and the way our inner frequencies work is bizarre chemistry and challenging to understand. Abused drugs intermingle with the neurochemistry of our brain and produce feelings of ecstasy and pleasure. The intensity of these euphoric moments is based on the type of drug used. This temporary and never-tried sort of sensation is tempting for adolescents.

To go deeper into the allies of our brain, you can listen to this informative podcast.

To Escape

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Some teens suffer from social anxiety, stress-related disorders, depression, and physical pain. Using drugs maybe a shot to decrease these feelings of anguish. According to Suboxone treatment doctors Brockton, stress plays an important role in the beginning and continuing drug use or relapsing drug use for those healing from an addiction. It is like an easy escape route for them.

To Perform Better

The pressure of staying ahead of others in this competitive society can be intense. Some teenagers may turn to certain drugs like illegal stimulants because they believe those substances will improve their performance.

To Experiment

Adolescents are often stirred to seek new experiments and experiences, mostly those they perceive as exhilarating or bold. It is the issue with their age that they try all those things their parents, teachers, and well-wishers ask them not to. The sense of being rebellious motivates them to try drugs.

Averting drug use in Adolescents

There are no parenting expertise or actions that promise an adolescent will never touch drugs. However, guardians can cut the possibility of drug problems in several ways. As per Suboxone treatment centers Brockton, these ways may include the followings:

  • Nurture a close and trusting bond with your kid from an early age.
  • Be a role model. If you are addicted to any substances, tobacco, or alcohol, do it moderately. You cannot ask them not to do something that you could not stop doing.
  • Set a healthy boundary and code of conduct that every family should have. Talk about acceptable behaviors and the importance of fostering a healthy atmosphere at home
  • Inspire a healthy attitude to life, including regular exercise, good foods, and sports. Let them feel that there are so many exciting things to do in life. Especially at their age.
  • Cheer them up to be social and have different groups of friends.
  • Inspire them to have a hobby.
  • Help your kid develop decent decision-making abilities from an early age.
  • Be aware and educated about drugs and teach your kid about the dangers of drug use. Be a friend and let them open up with you. Have open and candid discussions about drugs.

The Social Epidemic

The survey ‘Monitoring the Future’ delivered shocking info after researching from the year 1975 to 2017, by the 12th grade, about half of teens have misused an illegal drug at least once. The most frequently used drug is marijuana, but teenagers can find many damaging substances in the family, such as prescription medicines. The busy schedules of parents and broken families are making the teens feel lonely. The future of our society is gathering more in Suboxone treatment clinics than in Universities. It is depressing and alarming at the same time. Help them feel safe and give them scope to share. One day will be able to create a drug-free society. All we need is empathy and positivity towards life.

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