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How Can Substance Addiction Aggravate Codependency?

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The repercussions of an individual who suffers from substance use disorder living with a partner can be both psychological and economic. The individual who does not use substances may take on the provider role when it comes to spending money on drugs. The sublocade doctors near me even warn of the psychological consequences involved in protecting the individual with substance use disorder.

CoDA (codependents anonymous) described the term codependency in 1998. According to it, codependency implies individuals being inordinately concerned with other individuals’ issues to the detriment of their health.

According to the suboxone treatment clinics Brockton, codependency is considered to be a dysfunctional relationship. Codependent individuals are believed to exhibit certain patterns of behavior:

  • They are controlling / dominant, most probably because they believe that other individuals cannot care for themselves.
  • They generally have very low self-esteem.
  • They tend to deny their feelings.
  • They are excessively acquiescent, compromising their individual beliefs, integrity, and values to steer clear of rejection or anger.
  • They tend to react in a very over-sensitive manner because they are usually hypervigilant to the disruptions caused by the addicts.
  • Their loyalty lies with the person who hasn’t done anything to deserve it. They also tend to give more than the other individuals deserve.

Codependent individuals get perturbed and stay distressed about their relationship with addicted individuals coming to an end. They put extra efforts to avoid circumstances that lead to an end. The suboxone clinic near me says that codependent individuals cross boundaries to accommodate their partner. Thereby, they often sacrifice their individual needs or even exhibit enabling addictive behavior instead of seeking suboxone treatment doctors Brockton.

Although being codependent was initially referred only to the spouses of those individuals with substance use disorders, in recent times, it is being used for every individual associated with people who suffer from psychological problems or substance use disorders. For example, children whose parents use substances.

suboxone treatment doctors Brockton

Enabling substance abuse in relationships

The suboxone doctors near me say that codependent individuals often engage in specific behaviors. Such behaviors encourage an addict to continue drug consumption. They directly / indirectly make it possible for addicts to continue consumption, and this behavior is known as enabling behavior.

The experts at treatment for suboxone addiction say that sometimes codependent individuals do not realize that they are enablers. They indirectly help their partners maintain their addiction. Examples of enabling behaviors are:

  • Staying in denial about the problem of a loved one.
  • Making excuses for drug consumption, like saying that the loved one’s stressful job is making them consume substances.
  • Avoiding feelings of oneself to maintain peace and keep problems at bay.
  • Enduring addiction and believing that things may get better with time on their own.
  • Using drugs with loved ones so that they don’t feel alone.

The negative impact of substance use on codependency

Substance abuse further deteriorates the condition of the codependent person. According to the suboxone clinics :

  • Substance abuse in a relationship often leads to the other person developing substance addiction.
  • A codependent relationship, where one individual suffers from substance use disorder, leads to the codependent person’s poor health. It also leads to additional responsibilities causing self-neglect.
  • The relationship of the codependent individuals with others outside the relationship is hampered. They may have difficulty in communicating with other people.
  • The self-esteem of the codependent individual gets damaged, which leads to anxiety and depression.


If the signs of codependency in your relationship are present, you can always seek professional treatment for suboxone addiction Brockton. Regardless of the cause, doctors or medical experts can treat codependency. The treatment focuses on developing your self-esteem and makes you focus on your emotional needs.

The suboxone doctors advise that both the parties in a codependent relationship come forward and work on themselves to create a healthy relationship. They should seek couple therapy and individual counseling (if needed) and engage in various substance addiction treatment programs to walk hand-in-hand towards recovery. The decrease of sublocade cost could indeed be a positive change that could fast-forward therapy.

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