The town of Pembroke is a small historic town that is located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States of America. This town is Boston metropolitan area’s South Shore suburb. Pembroke is ideally located between Cape Cod and Boston. According to the 2010 census, the population of this small town was 17,837. If you are a part of this gorgeous town then you are in luck as you are only 12 miles away from Recovery Connection.

Suboxone Center in Pembroke

A rehab center is where people go to make their lives better and it will be impossible without the presence of stable treatment methods. That's why w have made sure that all our patient receives the right treatment at the right time without any delays or miss. Recovery Connection was built to serve the people in an acute condition, and that's exactly what we have been doing ever since. Here's what you can expect from our clinic:

  • Same day visits offering
  • Our staff treats everyone with respect and warmth
  • Dual Diagnosis Prescriptions available to all patients
  • Providing same day prescriptions
  • We include individual therapy in all visits
  • You will get answers to WHY one develops Opioid Dependency
  • Getting monthly program visits after initial stabilization is over
  • Get flexible day/evening visitation hours
  • Ease of insurances application
  • We now offer 10 convenient locations & we’re still growing

Suboxone Doctor in Pembroke

We take pride in stating that we have one of the most experienced medical professionals working for us. And that's why; here you will get all the advanced treatment procedures and counseling sessions that have been proven immensely successful. Our doctors are:

  • Immensely knowledgeable who understands that each patient is different, thus, they’ll need different treatment to become fully recovered.
  • Very experienced as they are known for their work.
  • Capable to offer long-term recovery with little to no relapsing guarantee.
  • They are specially trained to deal with the most difficult cases. So no matter how acute your condition is, they can deal with it.

Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection guarantees you to provide the best treatment to all its patients without discriminating. As we believe in the greater good and ready to serve. And what can be greater than aiding those who deserve medical assistance? You can pay our Suboxone Clinic in Pembroke a visit to learn more.

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